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Welcome to Class

Join The Tuftest Guy In Town for a

3 hour all inclusive class where
you will learn how to make your own rug.
All material and equipment will be supplied,
All we ask is you show you up
ready to enjoy your self.

IF all classes are showing sold out, click "load more"
at bottom of page for more dates to be updated.

Available Classes


Will I get to bring my rug home with me?

Yes but not the same day, over the following 3 days after your class we will do the finishing process

including gluing, shaving and putting a back on your rug so you can enjoy it in your house.

The rug will be finished and available at the following class.

What image will my rug be?

Once you complete your class registration you will be

emailed a list of designshand picked to make sure

that you will be able to be able to complete your rug in the given time.

Options range from Smiley Face, Skull, Popular Characters & More.

custom request can be made w/limitations due to screen size and time available



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